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Cherry Blossom

We do not have any Shibas for sale at this time. Please subscribe to our page or email us to request an update when pups come available.

In the meantime please read the following and consider this when buying from any assured your DC Kin Shiba will come with a thorough take home package and all the support you will ever need.  

DC Kin Shibas ​

  • CKC, AKC, UKC three generation pedigree

  • House training started

  • Robust puppy information package:

    • puppy culture information​

    • feeding  and food guide

    • collar

    • familiar toy

    • blanket with mom's scent

    • lifetime support

If you don't wish to wait for one of our pups (we get it!!, sometimes its hard to wait!!) please go to or (for our US friends) and check their breeder referral list. You can contact people in your area from the list and they will be able to let you know of reputable breeders in your area.


IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  We do not recommend early spay or neuter for you Shiba. The procedure causes unnecessary health risks. Many dogs who have been neutered before 12 weeks of age can look significantly different from other shibas in the same litter. Early alteration is know to cause an increase in orthopedic problems such as hip dysplaysia and patellar luxation as well as incontinence issues!

Cherry Blossom
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